esoShare, LLC doing business as

esoShare Stones

by Tess Cummins Hipps, Sculptor

Sculpting and exhibiting since 2008, Tess’s use of gemstones began with a small faceted blue Sapphire set in a piece called “Elevation”.  Later, a piece called “The Creative” was completed that included 46 Amethysts set into its many parts. 

Then began a study of gems (minerals and mineraloids) and their uses that has evolved into esoShare Stones.  Tess found that by wearing gemstones she was best able to observe their synergistic effects.   These wearable pieces are enduring testaments to both the benevolent effects gems have on one another and on all aspects of the human constitution. 

In 2015 she observed that some gems evolve into ever more precious states when paired with certain others.  To date, she has discovered five stones that may be enhanced in this way.

Many of the pieces presented here today are the result of experiments using this process.

esoShare Stones was created as a means to both share and enhance this study.



All findings are sterling silver.  Beads are strung on multi-stranded, nylon coated steel wire with various weight tolerances.

Multi-wraps may be worn as cuffs or necklaces.  Pendants may be worn as dangles on bracelets.

Alterations for fit are provided as a complimentary. Clasps may be changed to ensure ease of use.  Tess is available for design consultations for commissioned pieces or to arrange purchase by appointment (text preferred at 804-370-7042).

Advocacies include:

  • Repurposing of customer’s beaded parts or existing stone pieces.
  • Local sourcing of beads in support of small businesses.
  • Specimen display and source sharing to encourage the study of geology.
  • Provisioning of “dollar pocket rocks” for children and collectors. Special thanks to David Packard of Packard’s Stamp and Rock Shop for donations that supplement this offering.
  • Elastic bracelet making sessions to encourage emerging designers.
  • Central to esoShare’s mission is the celebration of uniqueness of place and occasion where each, every, and all present co–create (literal) common ground—a shared experience.


Thank You for joining in and for investing with

esoShare Stones.

esoShare Stones are also available at 2nd Sundays Art and Music Festival in Williamsburg, VA.